Allison Doyle

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate
Pronouns:  she/her


Counseling is comfort.  When you feel comfortable talking to the right person, you can share your true feelings and learn more about yourself.  I want to create a space where you can be heard and know yourself to your core.


As you are able to fully express who you are, you gain a better understanding of yourself.  You might find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over again, wondering why your relationships aren’t stronger or wondering why you can’t get ahead.  When you really know yourself, you can achieve more. You have more confidence. You feel good. That’s not to say that knowing yourself puts an end to the pain that we encounter in life; rather that knowing yourself helps you have confidence that you can be resilient in the face of whatever life throws your way. 


There are so many barriers to coming to peace with ourselves. Sometimes the biggest obstacle is that we have been told we’re “supposed” to be a certain way, but our lived experience is that we actually aren’t that way at all.  Being able to see the subtle messages from our society and family helps frame your understanding of how those messages have formed your sense of what’s possible or impossible.  


So much of my work focuses on three areas:  self esteem, motivation, and anxiety. These are often the hidden pain points of people who outwardly seem very successful.


Struggles with self-esteem stem from so many areas. So many of us struggle with feeling that our bodies are not good enough because of their abilities or size or appearance. Self-esteem challenges can also come from expectations (fair or otherwise) that other people have of you, or you have of yourself.  It might sound impossible to have unconditional positive regard for yourself or your body, but it is completely achievable.


Motivation seems to be a common struggle for people in the Seattle area.  This can stem from low self-confidence, fear of rejection, or poor prioritization in our ever-changing world.  When we’re down, upholding commitments to loved ones and managing what life can throw your way can be some of the greatest challenges we experience. Learning to trust yourself and build your own confidence makes life less like a burden and more like an opportunity.


Anxiety can be a pervasive challenge for many people.  I have experience working in high stress environments both in government and the private sector.  It’s unfortunate that workplaces don’t adequately know how to manage stress and treat their employees with more understanding of their emotional needs.  So often people come to counseling trying to stop a pattern of taking things out on their coworkers or families. Through skill-building and confidence building, you can learn the difference between stress that is invigorating versus stress that pulls you down.  


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate with the State of Washington (#SC60713376).  I regularly seek consultation from colleagues as well as my licensed supervisor, Katherine Walter, MSW, LICSW, CSW-G (LICSW #LW 60136151).


Tuesdays, 2:30 to 9pm

Thursdays, 7:30 to 2pm

Fridays, 2:30 to 9pm

Allison offers individual counseling (not couples).  She sees adults 18+.


  • Self Esteem
  • Women's Issues
  • Anxiety & Depression

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