Catalyst Counseling

Ben Campbell

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Pronouns: he/him


Think about your life. What do you need in order to feel more peaceful and grounded?

If you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it, that’s ok. The therapeutic process helps you identify those first few steps into change. From that comes the courage to take those bigger leaps to create the life you want.

Maybe you’re going through or anticipating a big change in your life, either voluntarily or involuntarily.


Are you working in a career that doesn’t feed your soul? Dealing with a toxic workplace? Laid off? Thinking about your dream job and wondering how you can make it happen? I came to therapy as a career changer myself – I am originally from the business world. I understand how easy it is to put up barriers to change and hide behind those barriers. I can help you find those pieces that aren’t working, and identify the healthier path to work towards, and help you build the courage to build the life you want.


Being a parent is one of those big changes that you can’t anticipate. It can also be one of the most rewarding and joyous experiences in your life. I can help you manage that friction between stress and love. Navigating the role of parenting can really bring up a lot of issues within relationships, things from your own childhood, and create a lot of stress and anxiety in your world. Being a parent of multiples, I would love to help you find systems and give you tools to manage the stress and anxiety.

Multicultural issues

I bring a wide lens to my work. My culture is from Mexico but I grew up in a predominantly white community. I understand systems of oppression. I can help you.

What would it feel like to get unstuck? It all starts with a desire to be a better person, parent, spouse, or friend. It all starts with a desire to see the world differently and a need to relieve yourself of the thoughts of hopelessness. I would love to help you on your journey.

I am a licensed independent clinical social worker (LW61445417) My work focuses on growth and navigating transitions throughout the entire life span. I love to see individuals flourish in their new growth and experience life through their new found lens. I would be honored to begin, or continue a therapeutic journey with you.

Ben offers individual counseling (not couples or families). He sees adults 18+.


Connect With Us:

To make an appointment with Ben, please call or email our office.

Important: If this is a crisis or you need immediate support, please call the Crisis Clinic at (206) 461-3222 or go to your nearest emergency room. Catalyst Counseling cannot provide emergency services.