Catalyst Counseling

Catalyst Counseling Statement of Anti-Discrimination

At Catalyst Counseling, we believe that all life is deserving of respect, dignity, and basic human rights. We value safety, curiosity, accessibility, and accountability.

We recognize that we exist in a system that does not reflect this belief, and are committed to doing our part to create a world more in balance with these values. The systems in place did not just come about organically; a culture of colonization and white supremacy has systematically oppressed and traumatized us all. Therapy is about healing, both individually and collectively. We believe it is both necessary and possible to heal the collective wound that is systemic oppression.

We commit to actively living our values by doing the following:

Being Curious – Having ongoing conversations that are hard, vulnerable, and brave. This includes regular training, mentorship, consultation, and engaging with the community. We pledge to commit to a monthly ongoing space for us as clinicians and staff to intentionally process and deepen our understanding of anti-oppressive practice. We pledge to seek out and hire BIPOC facilitators and trainers.

Being Accountable – Catalyst staff will acknowledge and address the intersectional parts of our identity that contain privilege, especially the parts that benefit from an oppressive system. We will accept responsibility for harm that we do, whether intentional or not, and take concrete steps toward repairing harm. This will include a pledge that whenever we make a donation to our local Woodinville community, we will also donate in equal amounts to a similar organization in a majority-BIPOC community.

Being Accessible – We pledge to continue offering an adequate allotment of sliding scale services. We pledge to make our communication easy to access and in plain language.

Being Intentional – We strive to offer services that reflect and honor the community we work in, in part by hiring clinicians who have humility, awareness, and willingness to engage in anti-oppressive work. We pledge to continue using our privilege to magnify the voices and professional presence of BIPOC therapists, both among our truly fantastic clinicians, and in the therapist community as a whole.

Creating Safety- by holding confidential spaces, welcoming and celebrating the diversity in our community, and offering therapy without discrimination on the basis of identity (whether that be race, gender, or any other part of a person’s vast multitude). All clients will be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect as an individual. Gender identity will be respected, and you will be referred to by your name and pronouns. We will encourage discussions of intersections of marginalization both in and out of the therapy room.