Catalyst Counseling

Clinical Trainers

Are you a trainer with significant experience in an area of clinical interest? Do you practice from a social justice and anti-oppressive perspective? We would love to connect with you!

Regarding training fees and social justice: For a long while, we simply paid the fee that trainers requested. We noticed that the fee quoted was almost always far less than what we expected. People with marginalized identities are more likely to experience imposter syndrome and devalue their services. As we deepen our commitment to anti-racist practices, we would like to make sure that our training fees are equitable and transparent.

We offer three options for reimbursement for conducting a training at Catalyst:
$200/training if the session is not recorded
$300/training if the session is recorded (more details below).
$150/session to provide clinical consultation during one of our group consult sessions (not for CEU’s, no prepared slides, not recorded)

All trainings are held online, via either Zoom or Google Meet. Our clinical trainings are scheduled on Tuesdays from 1-2pm. Unfortunately due to the difficulty coordinating clinician schedules, we are unable to accommodate different days/times. For more information about which dates are available, please email Katherine ( Whether recorded or not, the training fee includes the time required to create the training and time required to prepare and submit the following materials:

  • Information required for CEU reimbursement for our clinicians, which must be submitted two months prior to the training:
  1. Timed outline
  2. Description of Event (200 words or less)
  3. Learning Objectives (Objectives listed for each module. One objective per hour of instruction is appropriate.)
  4. Short Vita/Bio (limit 750 words) which lists how the presenter is qualified to present/teach this curriculum.
  5. A copy of the presenter’s CV or resume
  6. A copy of the presenter’s license
  • Copies of handouts and slides used in the presentation

More information about recording: The training materials are provided for the sole purpose of training and education. Recordings, training materials, and handouts are not to be used outside of Catalyst Counseling. Training videos and materials may be shared with Catalyst Counseling employees (both present and future) regardless of whether or not they attended the training.

If you have any questions, please contact our clinical director. Katherine Walter,