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Kaitlyn Nagayama

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate
Pronouns: she/her


I offer you a space to explore. What if the space we create invites you to feel validated and freed from the expectation that you need to be anything other than yourself? What if you didn’t feel judged? What if you found a safe space where you could actually start to heal and feel vulnerable and play? We can make that space together. I just want to normalize that whatever you’re bringing into the space is okay. I’m here for whatever you’re bringing in – we’ll figure out coping skills, we’ll be creative, and we’ll figure it out together. You’re not alone with your pain.

In relationships, I can help you find a shared language so you deepen the understanding and compassion in your relationship. For interracial or cross-cultural relationships, I can help you create a safe space to explore how your different identities impact your lived experiences, and how that influences your relationship with each other. I can help you and your partner develop new skills and build awareness for how to better engage with one another and move your relationship towards growth. Particularly when someone in the relationship has a trauma history, it can be so helpful for you and your partner to have the skills to better understand your reactions and how you can work together to make your relationship thrive.

Anyone could benefit from therapy if change is something you want.

I grew up in a small town where I found it difficult to fit in and constantly faced the experience of being different. My identity as a Japanese-American female clinician positions me to be an advocate for ensuring a culturally humble space that embraces and celebrates the uniqueness and beauty we bring to this world. I am passionate about holding a social justice perspective and hope that therapy can feel inclusive and safe knowing that you can come as you are.

My art background also informs the creativity I bring to the space. Sometimes it can be difficult to articulate in words how we feel. In addition to talk therapy, I offer art therapy in my work with individuals and couples. Art therapy by no means requires you to have artistic skill – art therapy just asks you to be open to being creative and playful. I will offer you the opportunity, if you feel comfortable, to engage in creative expression through painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, mixed media, and a variety of other art mediums. If talk therapy is what you prefer, that’s totally fine too – we do what makes you feel safe and comfortable.

I received my masters degree from Antioch University Seattle in couples and family therapy with a specialization in art therapy. My previous work with clients includes relationship challenges, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, depression and anxiety, gender identity exploration, and attachment issues.

My therapeutic approach is primarily narrative, solution-focused, and strength-based. I work from a systemic and relational lens by understanding the patterns and cycles that our lives interact with.

It is humbling for me to be invited into a client’s life or a couple’s life and witness the transformative experience therapy can offer. My hope is that I can create a safe place to build connection and encourage honesty and authenticity.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate with the State of Washington (#MG 61289539). I regularly seek consultation from colleagues as well as my licensed supervisor, Katherine Walter, MSW, LICSW, CSW-G (LICSW #LW 60136151).

Kaitlyn offers individual counseling and relationship counseling. She sees adults and couples 18+.


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