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Andrew Brazzale


ADHD, Autism, and Neurodiversity


Andrew Brazzale therapist at Catalyst Counseling in Woodinville, WA


I want to help make the positive parts of you and your relationship more apparent. I strive to help you put your values at the forefront of your priorities, and use your strengths when you have to face difficult situations. I want to help you move toward your goals more effectively and with more ease.

I feel that listening is incredibly integral to the therapeutic process. Whether I’m working with individuals or couples, it’s important to hear what people are saying not only on a linguistic level, but also what they mean when they say it. When someone says “I feel sad,” or “I’m not good enough,” it’s one thing to understand the words of what is said; it’s another thing to have curiosity to understand what’s behind it. Each of us has a history and beliefs that informs how we see the world and how we interact with other people, but so often we don’t see the link between our past history and our present patterns. It’s my job to help you notice with curiosity where those links are, and help you change the links that no longer work for you.

Communication is important. Maybe you find that it’s hard to communicate with people, or sometimes people misunderstand you. Maybe even in your closest relationships, you feel frustrated and misunderstood. Communication can be not only with other people, but with ourselves — maybe you find that you’re really hard on yourself, or you don’t trust yourself enough. I am passionate about helping people notice the language they use and change the patterns of language that hold you back.

I help people make room for difficult feelings. The work I do with my clients is not to make negative feelings go away, but rather to have greater control over how you respond. If you feel stuck in reactive responses, I can help you learn the skills to notice and live with difficult feelings, to rise above them, and to pursue the things that are most important to you. I help you capitalize on your strengths and positive aspects of your life to help you live a more valued personal life.

Life is about change, and although some changes are more difficult than others, I believe you hold the potential to grow and adapt with effort and deliberate intention. I believe you have the ability to create healthy relationships. I want to help you start that change and keep the momentum going. I encourage you to reach out if you believe I could be a good fit for you along your journey.

I am a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW #LW 60156500).

I work with:

Adults & Seniors

Aetna, Kaiser HMO & PPO, First Choice, Medicare (most plans)

Insurances I accept:

Services I offer:

Individual Therapy & Couples Therapy


Languages I speak:

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