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Skye White

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Pronouns: she/her


I love it when clients don’t need me anymore. Success in therapy doesn’t look like being a perfect human. It looks like being able to encounter stressful situations and handle them yourself or with your own support system. When you encounter a barrier, it doesn’t just knock you down spectacularly anymore – therapy increases your resiliency and your ability to respond creatively. Success doesn’t mean you stop ever feeling hurt, it just means you can deal with the hurt better.

Success means that you notice the masks you’ve been using – the versions of you that you put on to get through the day or be liked. You recognize what tools you learned to survive. And at the end of the day, through therapy you learn to be more authentic with yourself and with other people.

Living authentically feels like

  • living for yourself and not others

  • not putting other people’s wants/hopes/needs above your own

  • getting to voice your own wants/hopes/needs

  • trusting that you get to be a kind person and still have boundaries

  • showing up with all aspects of your human-ness instead of just switching masks for each situation.

Maybe at this moment, the idea of living authentically feels like a distant promise. Why does it feel that far away? Why does it feel so impossible? We can get curious together. The space we create together gets to be free of judgment and free of censorship.

On my end, I’m really good at helping people hold big difficult scary feelings. Sometimes the biggest feeling to hold is that change is messy and you don’t have to be perfect. On your end, therapy only works when you want to change, and when you know that change comes from work and courageous self-kindness. You have to show up for it….and the payoff is knowing yourself better, living a more authentic life, and just having less distress.

I’ll roll up my sleeves and you roll up yours. I already trust that you’re a wonderful, complex, imperfect person – let’s work together to help you understand yourself better and figure out more of what you want.

I am a licensed independent clinical social worker (#LW60995137) My work utilizes an anti-oppression lens with a focus on intersectionality and is informed by Mindfulness practice, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and trauma-informed care. I enjoy working with adults throughout the lifespan, especially LGBTQIA+ adults.

Skye offers individual counseling (not couples or families). She sees adults 18+.

Skye offers individual counseling (not couples or families). She sees adults and seniors. She is a Medicare provider (most plans).


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