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Aki Wakayama


College-Aged/Launching Adults
Multicultural and Immigrant Experience


若山 晟大

Aki Wakayama

Acerca de

Hi there, I'm Aki, and I'm truly honored that you're taking the time to learn a bit about me. My interest in therapy began during my own struggles with mental health. When I started college, I found myself in a new country, barely speaking the language, and feeling incredibly isolated from my family and friends back home. The depression and sadness I experienced were overwhelming, and I felt lost and alone. It was during this difficult period that I sought the help of a therapist. Talking to her was like releasing a pressure valve—I felt understood, cared for, and less alone. Her dedication and compassion left a lasting impression on me, though at the time, I admired her work without considering it as a path for myself. It wasn’t until later (after a detour to get a business degree) that I realized that I wanted to help others in the same way my therapist had helped me.

Over the past two years, I have dedicated myself to training as a therapist. This journey has been incredibly rewarding, allowing me to connect with clients on a deep and meaningful level. I find it a profound honor to be entrusted with my clients' vulnerabilities, and I cherish the opportunity to witness their growth and healing. To me, the essence of therapy lies in the simplicity and power of human connection. Being heard and cared for can be incredibly nourishing and healing, and I am continuously fascinated by the transformative potential of these connections.

In my practice, I view therapy not as a process of fixing problems or giving advice, but as a collaborative journey. It's about the relationship we build together and the trust we develop along the way. Genuine human connection is fundamental to our well-being, not just for our happiness but as a basic survival need. Life can be chaotic and unforgiving, making it challenging to cultivate these connections, which is why I find it beautiful to be part of my clients' unique wellness journeys.

I have a particular passion for working with immigrant clients. As an immigrant myself, I deeply relate to the stress and anxiety that comes with adapting to a new country. My personal and professional experiences have shown me the wide range of struggles immigrants face, from anxiety about the future and visa status to feelings of isolation and loss. Additionally, I am dedicated to supporting clients dealing with issues around race and minority identities, including racial and minority stress and the challenges of acculturation.

Another area I am passionate about is self-image and identity development. We can often be our own harshest critics, and that critical voice can be difficult to silence. Developing a healthy relationship with ourselves is crucial for our mental health, and I am committed to helping my clients navigate this journey.

I see therapy as a collaborative and relational process. My role is to create a safe and supportive space where you can bring your true self. Your role is to have faith in your strengths and potential. Starting therapy can be daunting, and I understand the courage it takes to share your deepest concerns with a stranger. I like to think of therapy as a road trip where you are the driver and I am the passenger, here to support and guide you, but ultimately, you control the journey. My commitment to you is to always be by your side, providing a non-judgmental and caring environment. While I may not always have the perfect answers, I promise to walk with you every step of the way, so we can face your challenges together.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate with the State of Washington (MC61568613). I regularly seek consultation from colleagues as well as my licensed supervisor, Katherine Walter, MSW, LICSW, CSW-G (LICSW #LW 60136151).

Yo trabajo con:

Teens 15+, Adults, & Seniors

Premera, Regence, BCBS, Aetna, Kaiser HMO & PPO, First Choice

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Individual Therapy

English, Japanese

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