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Becca Yin


Multicultural Issues


Becca Yin therapist at Catalyst Counseling in Woodinville, WA


Our identities matter. The world isn’t set up to treat everyone the same. The way people perceive us impacts the way we experience interactions and relationships. Sometimes that’s a really wonderful healthy thing, where we can resonate easily with the people around us. Other times, it’s hard to understand or even name why our experiences can be so different from other people’s.

I want to help create a place where you can learn to celebrate yourself. Everyone deserves to feel like they have someone on their side. Everyone deserves to feel understood. Everyone deserves to be able to take their time. Everyone deserves to love themselves.

If you are feeling like you don’t belong, if you feel disconnected to your body, if you feel like no one can understand what you’re going through, if you don’t feel listened to… if you have trouble sleeping, if you’re unsure if what you’re going through is even “valid enough”…this is a space where we can figure it out together. This is a space where you have someone who believes you and is also as invested in your growth as you are.

Therapy can be fun and challenging, hard work and full of relief. On the other side, things start to make a bit more sense. For some things there’s no one right answer, but you’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself and how you connect with the world. You’ll be able to name the kind of life you want, and you’ll have skills to help you deal with uncertainties in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. You’ll gain confidence. You’ll learn how to build a stronger support network.

Therapy isn’t a magic answer. Therapy can’t fix big systemic problems – racism, ableism, transphobia, all the other -isms. But together we can name it. When you decide to stop normalizing things that aren’t right, you take the first step to living an empowered life. I would be honored to walk that journey with you.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate with the State of Washington (# SC61314226 ). I regularly seek consultation from colleagues as well as my licensed supervisor, Katherine Walter, MSW, LICSW, CSW-G (LICSW #LW 60136151).

I work with:

Adults & Seniors

Premera, Regence, BCBS, Aetna, Kaiser HMO & PPO, First Choice

Insurances I accept:

Services I offer:

Individual Therapy

English, Mandarin Chinese

Languages I speak:

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