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Clinical Trainers

Education is at the heart of what we do.  Our team meets weekly for case consult, facilitated anti-oppression meetings, and clinical trainings.  We strongly believe that our team will do its best work when exposed to the wisdom of our professional community.

We offer three options for reimbursement for conducting a training at Catalyst:
$200/training if the session is not recorded
$300/training if the session is recorded (to be used only within Catalyst for the education of our clinicians)
$150/session to provide clinical consultation during one of our group consult sessions (no prepared slides, not recorded)

Often, if the training is really content-heavy, the trainer will pick two dates.  For example, January for the powerpoint style training, and February for a follow-up clinical consultation so staff can bring case consults.  This is entirely up to you.

All of our trainings are held online from 1-2pm on Tuesdays, and the clinical trainings happen about once a month. 

If you are interested in exploring training opportunities with our team, please email our clinical director:  

Katherine Walter

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