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Using Technology for Good — How to Stay Connected

In a world where social distancing is normal and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are fortunate to have technology that allows us to stay connected. While we don’t know what the future holds for COVID-19, we do have access to nearly endless ways to stay connected with our friends and loved ones. Below you’ll find some ideas for how to use technology to stay connected.

Video Chatting

Phone calls may be good for connecting to loved ones, but video calls are better. Getting to see the person’s face and expressions is about as close to in person interaction as we can get with no associated health risks. There are many free platforms for video chatting that are available for both Apple and Android devices as well as PCs. Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom are all excellent, free, easy to use options.

Party Streaming Apps

For movie buffs who miss hosting movie nights, there are a variety of party streaming apps which allow you to watch movies and videos with friends from different screens. The Netflix Party browser extension is available on Chrome. There are also mobile apps available on Apple or Android devices that allow you and friends to watch Netflix together such as Rave and Kast. Twitch, an Amazon streaming service, also allows for watch parties. Airtime and Watch2gether are other apps that allow you to watch videos with friends and include video chat features.


If you’re looking for some silliness and fun, there are also ways to play games with friends. Houseparty has virtual board games and a video chat feature, so you can play board games with friends in real time. Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator also have many options for virtual board games. For non-real time game apps to play with friends, try Uno, Draw Something, or Words with Friends. Other fun apps include Snapchat and Marco Polo, which allow you to send short video clips.


Online classes are an excellent way to meet new people. Many community colleges are offering continuing education and personal enrichment classes online, such as art classes, cooking classes, exercise classes, and many others. Some local senior centers are offering similar online classes too. Gyms and yoga studios offer socially distanced classes as well as online classes. Check your local college, senior center, and gyms for their offerings.

Virtual Support Groups

Living during a pandemic and making the necessary changes to routines and social norms has been difficult for many people. The added stress of COVID-19 has also amplified any stressors that already existed. There are a plethora of virtual support groups available at a variety of costs, both locally and nationally. If there’s something specific you’d like to focus on, perhaps managing stress or emotional growth, try a simple Google search and you’re likely to find a group that would work for you.


If you’re looking for more individualized support as we continue to navigate the pandemic, video therapy is now widely available. Telehealth is a safe, secure, and effective way to access mental health care and is covered by most insurance companies. Feel free to reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult and we don’t know what the future has in store. Using the technology we have, we are able to stay connected with loved ones in fun and meaningful ways. We can also use technology to access classes, support groups, and mental health care. Using these tools, we can stay connected support our mental health as we continue to navigate the pandemic.

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